Can Kings River East GSA change or restructure boundaries after its formed?


Section 302 of SB 37 allows boundary modification pursuant to the following conditions:
(1) The initial boundaries may be changed upon a petition to the boards of supervisors of the Counties of Fresno and Tulare after a noticed public hearing in the county in which the change is proposed. The boundaries shall be depicted on a map that shall be maintained by the boards of supervisors of those counties and thereafter recorded in the office of the county recorder of each county.

(2) The boundaries of an agency shall not be adjusted to include an area of the basin within the management area of another groundwater sustainability agency unless that agency has entered into a memorandum of agreement or other legal agreement with the groundwater sustainability agency that permits the area to the included.

(3) The boundaries of the agency shall not be adjusted to include any part of a proposed management area, as defined in a notice of intent submitted pursuant [to] Section 10723.8 of the Water Code, unless the agency has entered into a memorandum of agreement other legal agreement with all agencies listed n the notice of intent that permits the area to be included.

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